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Harry's Moustache Wax Heater         

At last! A practical wax heater that really makes it easy to apply your favorite wax to the ‘stache. All you have to do is place the tin of wax into the double recessed holder (which will accept large and small tins) and turn it on. The tin of wax is bathed in the gentle heat of an infra red lamp. In about a minute or so, the surface of the wax is softened just right. It makes application of the wax simple and fast because the wax becomes soft, pliable and particularly easy to apply. It also makes a hHarry's Moustache Wax Heatereavier application of the wax possible so that the ‘stache can be shaped more easily. I make these to order in my machine shop (when I’m not making clocks) and it usually takes about 10 days to receive a Wax Heater once the order has been placed. I’ve been using the prototype for quite a while now and wouldn’t be without it.
It’s also available with a custom name plate that says “Made Expressly For  <your name>” for a slight additional charge(order separately). Measures 6” in diameter and is 9 1/2” high.  To order, see the order form below.

A less expensive alternative to Harry’s Custom Made Wax Heater is this small hair dryer (right). It’s convenient, folds up and gets hot enough to do the trick. It’s also convenient should you want to heat up the ‘stache  to do a little styling after you’ve applied the wax.    

Yup, that’s me in the shop

T                                                       4 1/2” Metal Moustache Comb
This small Moustache Comb is easily carried and very convenient to use. It’s a sturdy metal comb only 4 1/2” long that can easily be used at home or conveniently carried in your pocket. It has two sets of sturdy steel tines mounted in a steel bar. It’s perfect for styling after applying wax or as a Touchup comb that you can use during the day.Harry's Moustache Comb I always carry one in my pocket. After all, there is nothing more embarrassing than an unruly moustache!

Moustache  Comb

Harry's Custom Wax Heater


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Please allow 10 days for delivery - each one is custom made

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Harry's Custom Wax Heater Nameplate


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4 1/2" Metal Moustache Comb




Wax Heater/Softener


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Harry’s Custom Moustache Wax Heater



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