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Harry’s Best Deluxe Moustache Wax

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Harry's Moustache Wax

My Great Grandfather.
He was a silversmith with a great beard, waxing wouldn’t have helped though!!

Harry’s Wax come in two different types and 3 sizes. #25 is a medium wax and #26 is a stiff wax. Both waxes are available in 1 and 2 ounce tins as well as small  .15 oz. pocket touchup tins

A couple of other things….

No, I’m not Harry. My name is Bill and it’s me on the label. Harry was my Grandfather and he sported a fine luxurious ‘stache. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of him to put on the label and although he’s been gone for almost 70 years I remember him well. What I remember clearly was that he was quite colorblind and frequently drove through red lights in his Chevrolet coupe. I was with him when the police stopped him for that and I’ll never forget it. I originally wanted to call the wax “Mr. Bill’s” but there is already a wax with Bill in the name and it didn’t seem like a good idea. If you’d like to try my wax, it’s available three sizes and two types:

1 and 2 ounce tins of Formula #25
1 and 2 ounce tins of Formula #26
.15 ounce pocket tins of Formula #25 and Formula #26

My original wax, Formula 25 is a medium wax that washes out easily. It’s colorless on the ‘stache and has a pleasant beeswax odor that disappears after about an hour. It holds quite nicely. It’s available in 4 sizes. 1 and 2 oz tins and a .15 ounce pocket size tin. The tin is just right to carry around and touch up your moustache late in the afternoon or perhaps even after lunch. Personally, I’ve found after I’ve eaten, a little touch up is a good idea. Lets you get the crumbs off the ‘stache and stiffen it up a little. The wax is odorless and fairly stiff but not too stiff. It really works well for me and I think you’ll like it also.  Formula 26 is a much stiffer wax particularly good for

more luxurious ‘staches or if you’d like something that will last late into the day.

Because it’s a stiff wax, it’s a little harder to apply but you’ll be pleased with the results. In hot weather, Formula 26 works particularly well and I’ve found myself using it in the unusually warm weather we’ve had here in the East this past summer. Formula



26 comes in 1 and 2 oz tins or a .15 oz thin slider top pocket tin for touchups. If after you’ve used my wax for a couple of weeks you’re not happy with it, just email me and I’ll refund your money.

f you would like to see some of the precision pendulum clocks that I’ve designed and made,