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Harry’s Best Deluxe Moustache Wax

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I’ve shown above some of the styles that Harry’s Moustache Wax is useful for. I’m most familiar with the handlebar which is probably one of the more commonly seen moustaches, at least in the US and one that I’ve worn for many years. The wax keeps it neatly groomed with an attractive shaped curve up at the ends. The wax permits styling and keeps the hairs neatly together. I generally like to touch up the wax once or twice a day to keep everything in neat order. The dali and english also requires waxing in order to maintain the sharper upward shape and pointed ends. Wax is absolutely necessary for moustaches of this type to maintain the attractively pointed ends which is almost impossible to achieve without moustache wax. The walrus and chevron may or may not be enhanced by the use of wax depending upon the thickness of the growth. The use of wax on moustaches of these two types is optional in my opinion. It depends upon whether a more unruly look is what you want to achieve. For some men, this can be quite attractive and the use of wax isn’t necessary. A well groomed fu manchu style ‘stache really requires the use of wax in order to maintain the neat ends. The sort of droopy look of the fu manchu is I think, in it’s own way, quite appealing and when well groomed adds an interesting character to the face. It’s not an easy moustache to pull off seriously these days though. In addition, it definitely requires grooming after eating to maintain it’s neatness.  I’ve always admired the horshoe or Mexican style  ‘stache. It generally should not require moustache wax because the neat but somewhat unruly look adds to it’s panache and creates a sort of serious and slightly dangerous look which can be very attractive to many women.